We ask parents to drop their child to the supervised playground area and not congregate near classrooms or request impromptu meetings with teachers. All meetings are by appointment only. Please see ‘late arrival/early departure’ for students arriving outside College hours. Please also see ‘Parking, pick up and drop off procedures’ further in the handbook.


Supervision of the playground is provided from 8:30am until classes commence, in addition to break times.
Junior School students should not be at school before 8.30am unless they are participating in a designated activity or are at before school care. Junior School teachers will only be on duty from 8.30am.

Under no circumstances are toddlers, preschoolers and visiting children permitted on the College play equipment. Additionally, students are not permitted on the play equipment and slides before 8:30am or after school. Parents who are accessing before or after school care should ensure their children do not use the play equipment.

Senior School arriving at the College prior to this time are required to sit in the Art Courtyard outside the Auditorium. They are not permitted to be within any other area of the school until the 8:30am bell. Senior School students arriving before 8.30am are able to access the Library on Monday to Thursday from 8.00am or can wait quietly in the Art Courtyard until the first bell.

There is no supervision of the playground at the conclusion of the day with the exception of the pedestrian crossing and the bus bay. Students are not permitted to remain in the College after hours unless they are involved in a formal extra curricular or academic program, under the supervision of staff.



Junior School students who are travelling home by bus are supervised by staff at H Block until 3:30pm, before being walked down to the bus bay. Junior School students are seated together while they wait for their bus to arrive. As each bus arrives Junior School students line up and are able to get on the bus before the Senor School students. Senior School siblings can easily identify that their Junior School siblings are in the bus line. Buses do not leave the College grounds before 3:50pm.

Meeting Siblings

Students who meet Senior School siblings at C Block are also supervised at H Block until 3:30pm. At this time they move with a teacher down to sit on the lawn in front of the Auditorium where they are supervised until their Senior School sibling collects them. In wet weather they will wait for their siblings under cover in front of the G Block classrooms.

Parent Pickup

H Block (Gate 4) and K Glock (Gate 5) are drop-off and pick-up only zones for Junior School students.
Please refer to Parking, Pickup and Drop-Off Procedures.

After school care (KTOOSH)

Junior School students going to KTOOSH after school will by supervised by staff in designated areas until they are signed in by KTOOSH staff.

Parking, Pick-up and Drop-off Procedures

Please observe 10 km/h speed limit at all times.
Please follow the directions of staff members as they assist with traffic flow and safety.
* Please use the recognised drop-off and pick-up zones.
* Do not drop-off outside College grounds.
* Only use the passenger side of the vehicle.
* Drivers must remain in the car.
* No access to the boot.
* Learner drivers are not to enter the College grounds.

Gate 5:
* For drop off in the morning please stay in a single lane on the left side all the way down the driveway. Please do not use the right hand lane to overtake. At the drop off area please move along to the furthest space available (rather than the first gate you come to) where your child/ren can exit the vehicle safely. The right hand lane can be used for cars who wish to park in K Block and walk their children into school, rather than using the drop off bays.
* For pick up in the afternoon we use both lanes of the driveway to prevent congestion on Worcester Road. Please remain in the far left and right of each respective lane to accommodate two cars. At the top of the driveway, please follow directions from staff to your allocated pick up space.

Pre-K drop off – parents park in the K Block car park and walk their child to the sign in area outside the Pre-K entrance.

Pre-K pick up – parents park in the K Block car park and collect your child from the sign in area outside the Pre-K entrance. Pick-up commences at 3:00pm. Please ensure you have arrived before 3:10pm. Arriving after this time may result in being caught in queued traffic or other pick-up sessions.


Please check carefully for children when exiting from parked positions.
Please reverse park where this is possible in the College grounds.
Please respect reserved and disabled parking places.
Please take note of any ‘staff only’ signs in the carpark and do not park in these designated spaces.
The carpark spaces along the top of the basketball courts are allocated for Year 12 drivers.

K-2 sibling groups or K-2 single child – Gate 5. If you have one or more children at the College who are in K-2, pick-up will be at the K Block Pick-Up Zone at 3:10pm. Teachers assist students into cars. Please follow directions from staff to the allocated gate.

Years 3 to 6 child only – Gate 4. If you have one child at the College and they are in Year 3-6, pick-up will be at the H Block Pick-Up Zone at 3:25pm.

K-6 sibling groups – Gate 5. If you have a sibling group spanning across various K-6 grades, pick-up will be from K Block at 3:20pm.

To assist with the efficient running of our pick-up areas parents are asked to display a name sign in a visible position at the front of their vehicle. The following name signs will be used in 2023:
* Orange name sign – Pre-K
* Blue name sign – K-2 (single child or K-2 sibling group)
* Yellow name sign – Years 3-6 students and K-6 sibling groups

Junior School families can request a name sign by emailing, clearly stating your child/ren’s name/s and year group/s.

If you would prefer to collect your child/ren from the playground and accompany them back to the your parked car in the afternoon, please wait in the designated spaces for the students to be dismissed by a staff member.

K-2 – K Block. Students will be dismissed at 3:10pm

Years 3-6 students without siblings – H Block. Students will be escorted by a staff member across the pedestrian crossing to parents.

Senior School students – Gate 1.

Traffic Flow

* Please do all that you can to assist the traffic flow in the College
* Please observe the gap when queuing for afternoon pick-up

Please notify any traffic and parking issues within the grounds to Reception. Please notify any safety or driving issues outside the College grounds to Quakers Hill Police on 9678 8999.

Meeting Your Child

For Pre-K arrangements, please refer to the Pre-K Parent Handbook.  

For students in Kindergarten, Year 1 and Year 2, parents are to wait outside K Block. K-2 classes will be brought out and dismissed from their class lines.

Collection of students in Years 3 to 6 is from the furthest side of the crossing outside Junior School Admin. Students will be escorted by a staff member across the pedestrian crossing to waiting adults. 

Under no circumstances are students to wander through the car park areas to find their parent’s car. Junior School students must be collected within the College grounds. 

Please email the Head of Junior School to discuss making alternative pick-up arrangements for your children. A record of agreed alternative arrangements is communicated to staff.

Extreme or Wet Weather Conditions

* Students in Pre- K and Kindergarten will be collected from class lines.
* Year 1 and Year 2 students will wait under L Block verandahs for parents.
* Students in Years 3 to 6 will wait under H Block verandahs for parents.
* Students waiting for buses are to wait under cover beneath the Auditorium. 
* Senior School parent pickup students will wait under cover on the corner of F Block.

Early/Late Departure 

Students arriving late to the College are required to sign in at Student Reception. A note from a parent is required to explain the late arrival. 

It is the College’s desire that appointments are not made for students within College hours. If this is unavoidable and a student is required to leave the College during the day for an appointment, they must follow this procedure:

* Parents are to notify the College of students’ departure via an email the appropriate
email address: or
* At the nominated time the parents must come to Student Reception and sign their
child out where a sign out slip will be issued to the student. 
* Your child will be collected and brought from their class to Student Reception.
* If returning to the College after an appointment, students must be signed back in at
Student Reception by their parents.

Student Drivers

The College takes the responsibility for the safety of students seriously, and therefore applies some conditions and sets out some expectations for student drivers. Students should consider driving to and from school a privilege that will be revoked if they are found to be breaking the rules with regard to driving.

Learner drivers are not permitted to drive within the College grounds.

Students are to park in designated parking spaces. Students are not permitted to park in the staff car parking areas.

Students may not access their vehicles during the day, or use the car as a locker or as a lunch space.

Students may not leave the College grounds in their cars during the school day (during breaks).

Students may not transport any passengers in their car without specific written permission from all parents involved.

Students may not drive to and/or from the College without written consent from their parents and subsequent approval from the College. Parents requesting permission for their child to drive to and from the College need to complete an application form available from Student Reception or the College Wiki. The student will then receive a ‘drivers’ card indicating they have permission to drive. The College does not encourage students to drive other students to and from school.

Buses and Public Transport


Bus services are provided for the College to ensure the safe transport of students to and from school. Free bus transport is a privilege provided by the State government for most of our students by way of an Opal Card. For more information and how to apply, please visit 

Students changing schools, home address or transport operator will need to reapply for a student Opal Card. 

Students are required to tap on and tap off, and should only use their student Opal Card for the direct journey to and from the address students reside at. If you move house, you must apply for an Opal Card.

Students are also expected to behave appropriately whilst travelling to and from school. Any concerns regarding the bus services should be directed to the appropriate bus company, as below. Concerns regarding student conduct on buses should be directed to the Deputy Principal.

Up to date timetables may be obtained from the bus company websites. To contact the bus companies call or visit: 

Busways Blacktown 9625 8900

Hillsbus Northmead 9683 2877

Hillsbus Dural 9651 1944

The College also runs a private service at an additional cost to Cattai, Pitt Town and some parts of Box Hill. The timetable for this service can be found at Enquiries about using the service should be directed to the Registrar. 

Sydney Metro

Rouse Hill Anglican College is 1.3km from Tallawong Station on the Sydney Metro line, an easy 15 minute walk. For more information on the Sydney Metro including maps and timetables, please visit