Access to Classrooms and School

In the interests of maintaining a high level of safety within the College grounds, any parent, friend or visitor coming into the College must sign in at Student Reception and wear the visitor sticker before proceeding on College grounds. This includes parents on regular rosters e.g reading group or classroom helpers. Visitors are to sign out prior to leaving the grounds. Parents and toddlers requiring a toilet facility are to come to any of our Reception areas and use internal toilet facilities.

Should there be genuine concerns that need to be raised with a staff member, these are best handled in the course of a pre-arranged interview that respects the privacy of all concerned. Teacher interviews can be arranged through Reception or via email to 


At times, Junior School staff may seek parent assistance in areas such as book covering, attendance on excursions or at sporting events, or other in-class activities. Teachers will make individual arrangements with parent helpers reading this invaluable contribution to the life of the College.

Opportunities exist in the following ways with the Senior School:

* Parents and Friends (P&F) Association, Spring Fair assistance, examination assistance and, occasionally, working bees.

* Parents may be able to assist in ways that are specific to their experience, expertise or business pursuits, particularly in providing opportunities for Year Ten Work Experience placement and/or involvement in ‘Australian Business Week’ (ABW)

The Parents and Friends Association

Parents & Friends Association meetings are an opportunity for community building, to raise awareness of matters impacting the College and to support the College through fundraising programs. The Parents and Friends Association (P&F) provides an important forum for parent involvement in the College community. The P&F Meetings are not a forum for raising matters of discontent with the College. Parents are encouraged to raise any concerns early and communicate with appropriate staff as issues arise.

A General Meeting is normally held one to two times each term time, with the Annual General Meeting held in March. Election of office-bearers and executive committee takes place at the Annual General Meeting. Details of meetings and other parent activities will be advised through the College Newsletter. 

From time to time particular relevant Junior School information may be presented by the Head of Junior School at P&F general meetings.

More information can be found on the College website. You can also contact the RHAC Parents & Friends Association at or follow them on Facebook.

Working with Children Checks

All parent volunteers must submit a Working With Children Check number and their birthdate to Reception for verification before commencing their volunteer work.

The Anglican Schools Corporation requires all school volunteers to undergo a Working With Children Check.

For those parents who volunteer at the College and have not yet completed a Working with Children Check Clearance (WWCCC), you should apply online via the Children’s Guardian website at You will receive an application number via email. This application number and proof of identity then need to be taken to a Service NSW Centre. There is no fee for volunteers unless they are engaged in other child-related employment. 

Parent and Guardian Code of Conduct 

The Parent and Guardian Code of Conduct is a guideline to ensure mutual understanding of expectations. Adults are in a position to model positive values and behaviours to the children around them.

Schools exist for their students and our vision is therefore to provide a safe, supportive and mutually respectful environment where students are positively influenced by other College community members (including staff, parents and other students) so they become mature, reflective, confident young men and women of outstanding character; ready to leave school and make a positive difference in the world.

The Code of Conduct sets out the general principles, expectations and ideals that we ask all adults associated with the College to follow so that all interactions between College community members are mutually respectful and considerate. 

The Code applies within the College buildings and grounds, during public transport to and from the College, and at all College functions, sporting events and/or excursions. Even at other times, it is expected that College community members will be mindful of the rights of others and of their role as ambassadors for themselves, their family and their College.

The code can be found on the Policies page.

Launch Event

There will be a Launch evening held early in Term 1, where parents will be provided with relevant information and the opportunity to meet staff working with their child. At this evening, parents may book an appointment with the student’s  teacher if any special information needs to be communicated. This is not an interview to discuss how students are settling into class. 

Parent/Teacher Interviews

Formal parent/teacher interviews will be conducted during Terms 2, 2 and 3 depending upon the student’s grade. Parents will be advised about the dates of the particular year group interview evenings at the beginning of the year and, closer to the event, correspondence will be sent outlining the process for booking appointments online. It is important that all parents attend these sessions so that clear communication regarding the academic progress of students is maintained.

Parents seeking additional meeting times with members of the teaching staff or executive staff are asked to make their request through the College office. Please visit our communications page for information.