Rouse Hill Anglican College is committed to catering for the needs of students of all abilities.  The Learning Enrichment Team works collaboratively with staff to provide support for students with additional needs. These students may present with a range of needs in areas of cognitive ability, sensory and socioemotional needs and physical disability. It also includes working with High Potential and  Gifted Learners and  EAL/D students.

Students with additional needs have Learner Profiles and/or IEPs that outline strengths and barriers to functioning in the College setting and identify recommended accommodations, teaching strategies, adjustments and personalised solutions for individual needs.

Students may need adjustments to the pace, level and content of the curriculum. The Support model is one of inclusivity and collaboration between students, parents, specialist practitioners and staff. The model strives to nurture our students with additional needs and to celebrate their strengths and successes.. 

Letters for Specialists

Ongoing collaboration with key stakeholders is instrumental. Teachers are very willing to collaborate with specialists and allied health professionals and to provide professional observations by way of questionnaires, reports and letters. Parents should be aware of the following procedures:
Documentation/requests are to be emailed to info@rhac.nsw.edu.au with attention to the relevant staff member.
Parents are to give the staff at least one week’s notice.
The teacher will notify the Learning and Enrichment team that a parent is requesting information.
Letters/reports will be forwarded directly to the specialist (not via the parent)
Parents will be notified that the report has been sent.


The Endeavour Program: Engage, Enrich, Extend supports staff as they address the needs of gifted and talented students in their care. The program oversees the provision of enrichment and extension opportunities for high potential and gifted students. Many of these details are advertised in the College newsletter. A combination of holistic identification processes/assessments may be completed to assist in the identification process.