The College App



  1. Search for Rouse Hill Anglican College on the Apple App Store or on Google Play then download the Rouse Hill Anglican College app.
  2. Once you have downloaded and opened the app, you will be able to sign in using your Rouse Hill Anglican College Edumate login.
  3. Congratulations, you will now be able to communicate and connect directly with the College and receive the latest information.


This is where you can view information as daily broadcasts, newsletters, notifications relating to the College.


By clicking on this button, you can see what is happening throughout the College from a daily, weekly or monthly view.

Click on an event for more information.

By clicking on the event and then the dots in the top right corner, you can add relevant events to your own personal calendar.


This is where you are notified of things that need doing such as permission given to attend an event or an appointment.


You will find Assessment Tasks for each child listed here. Click on your child’s name and view Assessments coming up for each subject.


This button allows you to view each of your children’s timetable in both daily and weekly formats.


Linked to Calendar, here you can view events relevant to each of your children.


This is where you can verify your child’s absence or late arrival and view their history. Applications for an extended period of leave are still required and are available through the More section.


More will take you to other resources or websites helpful for your students, for example, the WIKI, the canteen website, KTOOSH, the college shop, bus companies, email links, Newsletters etc.


Set your preferences for notifications, add extra login security options or find out more about the creators of the App.

Please keep broadcasts and space post-activity activated for notification settings as we will sometimes use this function to communicate with the community.