Edumate – The Parent Portal

The Parent Portal is a link for parents into the College database. It allows parents to view information about what is happening in the school and to update information about their family.

What can I do and how do I do it? (Click on a dot point for a quick link):

* Change your details, such as your address
* Verify or explain absences
* Add or change your child’s medical information
* View your child’s academic results
* See the College diary
* View awards or disciplines given to your child
* View your child’s timetable
* Give approval for excursions
* Pay bills and set up direct debit arrangements
* Forgot password or need to change it

Where is the Portal?

Go to
After accepting an offer of enrolment you should have received an email providing you with your username and password. Passwords are case sensitive. You will need this information to access the Portal.
Your password should be treated in the same manner as your banking PIN.

How to use Edumte


The parent portal classic home page allows you to navigate through the below menu. All pages are easily displayed by clicking on the shortcuts in the side menu:
Once logged in, you will land on the Edumate Dashboard screen that displays the following quick links for each area to the left of the screen.

  • At a glance
  • Newsfeed
  • Progress
  • Diary
  • Debtor Portal
  • Plus others not used at this stage

Updating or Changing My Personal Details

You may change your personal details at any time by clicking on your name at the top right-hand corner of the page.
If you are updating an address, please tick the ‘Verified Address’ box.
Once a change is submitted, please click the Orange ‘Submit Changes’ button to activate your changes in the school’s system.
Please Note: You are only allowed to change certain editable information. All greyed out information is not amendable due to security reasons. Should these need to be updated, please contact the school to discuss this further.

At a Glance / Profile

At a Glance provides access to general information about your child and is split into 3 tabs across the top of the ‘At a Glance’ section
General, Attendance and Wellbeing.

1. General Profile

The General section displays your child’s student information such as Student Number, Email, House and Class/Homeroom

Your child’s list of Current Classes along with the assigned teacher is displayed.

2. Attendance/Absence Profile

The attendance section is in two parts:

  1. Absence History that will show you any absences including those that need action/verification by parents and carers submitting an absence notification along with a valid explanation/reason for the school to review and approve.
    Once you have verified your child’s absence and clicked saved, you DO NOT need to send a written note to the school, this verification process takes the place of a written note or email where an absence has already occurred.
  2. Attendance Details where you can view the history of your child’s attendance details.

How to submit an Absence Explanation

  1. Please click on ‘Recent unexplained absences exist. Click to submit carer explanation/s’ in blue under Absence Notifications.
  2. Select the date, reason and add a valid explanation and click the submit button. This will send the absence response to the school for approval to add to the student record.


Please Note: Parents and carers have 7 days to verify an absence, as per the regulations outlined by the Board of Studies. You will receive an email notification to verify any unverified absence on the day of absence, as well as on the 5th and 7th day thereafter. Should you fail to verify the absence within the 7 days, please contact the school to discuss this further.

Attendance Details

Click on ‘click to view’ under the Attendance Details heading to see more details.

Wellbeing Profile

Information regarding your child’s incidents and actions taken to address the incident at school are shown here containing the relevant records and details.

1. Sickbay/Medications
You can view your child’s Sickbay incidents that occurred at school along with any Medications administered to them.

2. Awards/Disciplines
You can view any awards and disciplinary actions received by your child.

News Feed

The ‘News Feed’ is a single, consolidated location containing general information about events and information within the school. Please Note: It is the parent and carers responsibility to check these messages regularly. News Feed will display:

  • Broadcast – messages from the College to parents and cares.
  • To Do Tab – unactioned requests from the school including:
    • Student Absences explanation request.
    • Appointment Requests.
    • Event Permission requests, as displayed below, is given by either granting permission or denying permission with an explanation given in notes.


Comprised of three tabs, you can view details of:
1. Upcoming tasks, an overview or course specific
2. Past tasks including results and feedback
3. Academic reports.

1. Upcoming Tasks
A quick reference list of any tasks coming up including due dates.
To view all tasks that have been set for a specific course, use the “View upcoming tasks by course” on the top right of the progress box.

Past Tasks
A historical view of tasks that have been completed. Parents and Carers can view task results and feedback provided by the school.

  • Tasks with a result awaiting grading will show a   Pending icon.
  • Tasks with released results will show a Result icon.
  • Clicking on the Results link will open a pop-up window displaying additional results of that task.

Academic Reports
A historic view of your child’s reports.
Semester and interim reports can be downloaded in pdf format. For any queries relating to the Academic Report, please kindly contact the School to assist


The Diary section shows information about dates for activities in the school:

* The official school calendar shown as a blue link on the top right of the page
* The student’s timetable shown as a blue link on the middle top right of the page
* A list of future events and tasks, viewable as a short list or by course) for the selected child

Please Note: Events and timetables may be subject to change. To ensure you are aware of the updated times and schedules, please review the diary.

Debtor Portal

The Debtor Portal provides parents and carers with flexibility for managing their school debtor accounts and viewing a history of invoices and payments through four areas on screen.
When logging into the Debtor Portal you will clearly see your current balance at the top of the screen as the total outstanding balance.

  1. The Account History section provides a full financial history with all your transactions and payments listed here for registered debtor accounts (see multiple debtor accounts below).
  2. The Prior Bills section lists all the recent/past bills that have been generated and sent/emailed to the debtor. These can be downloaded anytime from here if needed.
  3. The Pay Balance section displays a button “Pay Fees and Charges Now”, to make a once-off payment.
  4. The Automatic Payments section displays both the status of the payment schedule feature (if one is active) and a button “Configure Auto Payments” to setup a new automatic payment schedule.

Multiple Debtor Accounts

If you have more than one debtor account (for example, you may have a responsibility to pay fees for children from more than one relationship who are all students at the school) you can view transactions from all debtor accounts.
Simply alternate between accounts.

How to Pay Your Balance

There are multiple forms of payment means available within the Debtor Portal. Below outlines One-Off Credit or Debit Card payments as well as the preferred method by setting up Direct Debits.

Payment MethodFeaturesSurcharge
BPAYPay using the BPAY code onyour invoiceNo fees
Direct DebitVia Edumate Portal only -Once off or via instalmentsNo fees
Credit CardVia Edumate Portal only -Once off or via instalments0.9%

Automatic Direct Debit Payments

Setting up to pay by Direct Debit payments for the first time, click on the button ‘Configure Auto Payments’.

In the Direct Debit Request screen, tick the ‘Enable Automatic Payments’ to reveal the automatic payment option.

Payment method and frequency options are displayed for selection.

Changing Direct Debit Instalments

If auto payments are already activated, the screen will display the frequency and amount currently being paid. Click on the ‘Configure Auto Payments’ button to change these settings.

The current settings are again displayed in the Direct Debit Request screen with the options for changing them.

Configuring Direct Debit Instalments Settings
The direct debit facility can be activated by clicking on the tick next to ‘Enable Automatic Payments’. Clicking on the ‘Bank Account’ option will reveal fields for entering bank account details.
There is an active link for displaying the Direct Debit Service Agreement as well as a corresponding tick box to confirm agreement with the terms and conditions set out in the agreement. It is mandatory to accept the conditions before you proceed.
Choosing the ‘Credit Card’ option will display fields for entering in card details.
In the Payment Frequency section of the screen, select the desired frequency of payment.

The ‘Balance Due’ option will automatically debit the balance that appears on each invoice on the due date that is on the same invoice.
Further options allow you to set the day that funds will be debited. Select the desired frequency option suitable for you: Quarterly, Monthly, Fortnightly & Weekly.

Voluntary ‘Optional Items’ can be selected if desired by entering your desired amount and clicking save.

The ‘Optional item Selections’ part of the screen provides the option of adding to the direct debit instalments as a regular donation to the Building and/or Library fund(s). This can be deactivated by the parent or carer at any time by deselecting the option ‘Add to Each Instalment’.

The column ‘Amount – click to Change’ can be modified by clicking on the dollar amount at any time.

An amount can optionally be entered into the ‘Top Up Amount’ field to pay charges (non-tuition fee transactions) in instalments, instead of paying these as a one-off payment.

Important Note: The Top Up Amount will continue to be debited in addition to tuition fee instalments until this is removed from the direct debit settings.

Click on the ‘Save’ button to upload the credit card/bank account details. This is an important step for processing your payments.

Paying your balance in one payment

Credit and Debit Card Payments are made by clicking on the orange button “Pay Fees and Charges Now” and selecting a payment method then clicking proceed.

Tip: If you wish to navigate to the ‘Debtor Portal’ screen again, press the Cancel button. Clicking on the “Debtor Portal” link on the left side pane will not navigate you back to the Debtor Portal.

Paying Once by a Credit Card

Selecting ‘Credit Card’ as a payment method allows you to select the transactions you wish you pay, as well as choose voluntary donations to add to your one-off payment. Transactions can be fully or partially paid. Once you select ‘Credit Card’, then click the button “Proceed”.
The ‘Make a Payment’ screen lists all your unpaid or partially paid transactions. Choose an amount to pay by clicking on the corresponding tick box in the ‘Pay Today’ column. You will notice that the ‘Total to Pay Today’ amount will be updated relative to the corresponding transaction(s) selected/unselected.

Partial payments against a line item can be made by double-clicking on the figure in the ‘Amount to Pay Today’ column and entering in a different value. Click the ‘Next’ button to progress to the next step.
Voluntary Contributions may be opted to pay from here:

Finalise your payment by entering your card details and click the button “Pay Now”.

Paying Once by Direct Debit

Selecting ‘Direct Debit’ as a payment method allows you to make a one-off direct debit payment against the total outstanding balance. Once you select ‘Direct Debit’, click the button “Proceed”.

Note: If you are already paying in instalments by direct debit, the same bank account details are used to debit the additional once-off payment.

The ‘Make a Payment’ screen lists all unpaid or partially paid transactions. Choose an amount to pay by clicking on the corresponding tick box in the ‘Pay Today’ column. The ‘Total to Pay Today’ amount will be updated relative to the corresponding transaction(s) selected/unselected.

Partial payments against a line item can be made by double clicking on the figure in the ‘Amount to Pay Today’ column and entering in a different value.

Click the ‘Next’ button to progress to the next step. Voluntary Contributions may be opted to pay from here:

Fill in the bank account details from which the deduction should be debited. Please read the terms and conditions outlined before proceeding to select “I agree”. Click the ‘Pay Now’ button to finalise your request.

Integrity & Security

Parents and carers can change personal information, approve attendance for events, provide absence verifications and operate on a linked debtor account. The integrity of the password is key to the security of the transactions with the school.

Each parent or carer (not each family) has their own password, which once reset, becomes the parent or carer’s responsibility to keep secure, including changing it when it is compromised.

Login Issues

Should you be unable to login as you may have forgotten your username and/or password, then click on the ‘Cant’ login?’ link on the login screen. Fill in the required selection.
Once you enter a valid email and your username, you will receive a success message.
An email will be sent to the registered email with the relevant instructions to follow.
You will receive a further email to the registered email address with your password.

Update / Change a Password
It is possible to make an update to your password by selecting “Change Password” under your profile name.