Phones/Electronic Devices/ Tablets/iPads

Parents are able to communicate with their children during the school day by contacting Student Reception, which is the preferred method of contact when parents are conveying family emergencies. Parents are requested not to phone or text their children during class time.

Junior School 

The College acknowledges that many students bring mobile phones to school and in doing so all Junior School students are to adhere to the following requirements:
* All mobile phones are to be handed in at Student Reception from 8:30am. Students will be handed phones by their teacher at 3:25pm.
* Use of phones before 8:30am and after 3:30pm is strictly for contact with parents/caregivers only.
* No photography using mobile phones in the College grounds is permitted.
* No uploading of any College related images, videos or still, onto the Internet including social networking sights ie Facebook and YouTube, by parents or students.
* Phones are not permitted on excursions, day or overnight.

Senior School

Senior School students are required to have their own BYO learning device for use at school each day. The devices will be used to access specific applications which will supplement the teaching units and provide access to textbooks. Using the electronic texts will also provide students with the opportunity to make annotations and highlight text as they work in class, thus promoting good scholarship practice and setting them up with a structure to formulate effective study notes. 

Students are permitted to bring smartphones, iPods, MP3 players and other such personal electronic devices to the College. Devices are to be switched off and stored in lockers during class time. Where requested by a teacher, students are permitted to use electronic devices during class time for class-based learning activities.  
Students are never permitted to loop headphones through their uniforms or wear headphones whilst moving around the College or during lessons. If a student misuses a device in class the device/item will be confiscated and logged at Student Reception. The devices can be collected at the end of the day unless they have been previously confiscated within the term.

The College does not take responsibility for students’ electronic devices. Additionally, students using laptop devices should note that NESA requires students to complete examinations by hand and should ensure that the use of such devices does not limit this ability.

Students whose devices are confiscated from misuse more than once during a term will be required to take home a letter to their parents, acknowledging the misuse and confiscation, and have the letter signed and returned to Student Reception before the device will be returned. The device will not be returned on the same day it is confiscated. Students will also be required to make a $5 donation to their Year Group’s Compassion Child/ Sunshine Centre or other service projects occurring in the College.

Students who fail to meet the College’s expectation of appropriate use of electronic devices on an on-going basis will be required to log their electronic device at Student Reception at the beginning of each day for a period of time.

Please note, iPads are not acceptable devices in the senior school.


The College provides access to the Internet for all students. Students will use the Internet to access information for curriculum requirements.  It is expected that students will use the Internet responsibly.

Unacceptable uses of the internet include
* searching, displaying or printing inappropriate material
* damaging College computers or network performance
* using the network for any illegal activity, such as violation of copyright
* invading the privacy of others
* using the account of another user
* vandalising the data of another user
* posting offensive or anonymous messages
* inappropriate use of student email accounts

Students must agree to follow all instructions and only use the Internet for educational purposes. Failure to do so will result in the suspension of Internet privileges. 
Consequences of misuse will result in notification to parents and the student will be prevented from using any College device for a specific period of time.
At the commencement of each new year, students and parents are required to sign a Technology Agreement that outlines their responsibilities when accessing the Internet and phones at the College.

Representing the College in the Public Domain

Students enrolled at the College using social media/networking platforms and emails  must adhere to the following expectations
Students must demonstrate respect to others and to the College. They must not make any comment on any site that targets any student or staff member of the College with perceived negative intent or undermines the name/good work of the College. Harassment, hate speech and inappropriate content will be reported to the relevant authorities.
Students must respect the name of the College and if they create, maintain or use social media sites they must ensure that no comment or content (including photos) placed on that site by themselves or others could potentially damage the reputation of the College, its staff or students, or use language that is insulting, defamatory, offensive or deemed inappropriate by the College or wider community.
Students must respect the privacy of individuals associated with the College and ensure that no comment or content (including images) is placed on a site by themselves or others that identifies other students (including uniform) or staff or reveals or publishes conversations that have occurred with College staff. 
Students are in no way to link students of the College, staff or the College itself to actions that the College would not support or condone (alcohol abuse; sexual activity; bullying; illicit drug use; inappropriate, profane and/or offensive language). 
Students should not provide a link through to another person or site where published material contravenes the Computers and Internet Use policy of the College.

Technology Requirements

While devices are available for Junior School students within the classroom, Senior School students are expected to have a laptop device for school each day. The devices will supplement classroom teaching and use the power of the internet to enhance learning.

Students will have access to the World Wide Web, the College Learning Management System “Canvas” and cloud based storage through Google Drive. These tools allow teachers to assist students in developing independent, creative and collaborative learning skills. Students can also access electronic copies of their textbooks for many of their subjects, thus alleviating the need for students to carry heavy books to school. Using the electronic texts will also provide students with the opportunity to make annotations and highlight text as they work in class. Students will also be able to easily engage with technology based assessments and can collaborate in groups on tasks.

Please refer to the Senior School Technology Information Brochure for more information on technology requirements for Senior Students.