General Information

Birthdays, Holidays and Events

Birthday cakes

Little cakes, slices or biscuits may be provided for birthdays. Please do not send candles or a knife. We have a lolly free policy and request that you do not send lollies. Parents of students with allergies are encouraged to provide alternative cakes or cake substitutes to be kept in the freezer and allocated at these times.

Birthday invitations

Please give any birthday invitations to the class teacher for distribution.

Other celebrations

Students are requested not to bring in Easter eggs/chocolate for each other. It is not appropriate for parents to hand out Easter eggs or sweets to students at school.
Treats and sweets are not to be sent to the College.

Fundraising chocolates, etc

Students are not to bring fundraising chocolates or other items to sell without prior permission from the Head of Junior School or Director of Student Wellbeing.

Mufti Days

On dedicated Mufti Days, students are welcome to wear casual clothes to school in place of their uniform. Mufti Days are part of various fundraising activities and, as such, students are required to bring a donation (gold coin, tins of food, clothing, blankets etc) for the opportunity of forgoing their uniform for the day, which will be specified prior to the day. On Mufti Days, students are to wear neat attire, fitting for the venue and in accordance with College expectations of modesty and suitability. Students should not wear clothing with inappropriate slogans or advertising and should ensure they are well covered. Singlet tops, sleeveless tops, low cut necklines or armholes ripped clothing, see-through items, tights, visible underwear or shorts shorter than College PE shorts are not appropriate. Students are expected to wear enclosed, appropriately fashioned shoes that provide suitable support for the day at school. Senior School Girls are permitted to wear jewellery and makeup, however, for safety reasons, must ensure that their hair is tied back and they do not wear long dangly earrings. All students must ensure they wear closed-in shoes and can bring a bag of their own choice.

Senior School students who have PE lessons on a Mufti Day are to change into and out of the College sport uniform. Sport uniform is not to be worn home.

Lost Property

All items of clothing and equipment are to be labelled with your child’s full name (not initials) so that any lost items may be returned to the student without delay.

Unnamed lost property items will be kept at Student Reception until the end of each term. Any unclaimed property remaining at that time will be donated to Sick Bay or Anglicare.

Pets in School

It is requested that parents do not bring pets, particularly dogs, with them into the College when they are setting down or picking up students. The College is required to follow “Animals in Schools” guidelines, and it is important that parents comply with this request.

Medical Information and Emergency Contacts

Student medical information is sought a the time of enrolment. Parents are requested to review the information provided annually. This can be done and amendments made through the Edumate Parent Portal. If you experience login issues, please email our IT Helpdesk.

It is also essential that the College has the name and contact details of another trusted adult close by that can be contacted to collect a student in the event of an emergency where neither parent is available by phone. Parents will always be our first point of contact.

If you have not yet done so, please take a moment to complete the Medical Information and Emergency Contact Form.

Permission to Photograph

There are occasions in College life when students are photographed or filmed by staff or appropriate external resources for College related purposes. 

Filming or photography by students on cameras or phones is not permitted at any time, unless with the express permission and direct supervision of a member of staff and for educational purposes.

Parents are asked to review their Permission to Photograph and Film consent form annually. Permission to photograph/film is initially expressed during the enrolment process. To help ensure that the College only publishes images of students whose parents are comfortable with us doing so, we would greatly appreciate every school family responding to our Permission to Photograph and Film consent form indicating whether they give permission for the College to use images of their children. For more information, please click here.