Extra Curricular

At Rouse Hill Anglican College, a diverse range of activities are offered to students in which they can participate. These activities are a part of what makes the College a dynamic learning environment that seeks to develop students’ individual potential in a host of areas. The Extra Curricular Program encompasses sport, the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme, creative and performing arts, technology, academic enrichment activities, as well as leadership development and Christian groups, all of which are designed to motivate and enrich students beyond the classroom. These activities are an important part of College life and our holistic approach to education. Students are encouraged to explore new areas, find their passion and develop skills in teamwork and leadership. Some activities mentioned within this publication are additional activities that we have specially developed within our College program for the benefit and enjoyment of our students. 

We believe that each student is an individual with their own particular God given gifts. Extra curricular groups and activities outside the regular curriculum provide extended opportunities for students to discover and nurture these talents as well as succeed within their chosen field.

The Extra Curricular Program provides an important balance to the teaching program at the College, as well as allowing students to be fully involved in College life. Parents will be advised about any additional fees associated with these activities.

Extra curricular activities for Junior School students are undertaken at lunch time or before or after school. All students are strongly encouraged to be involved in the program.

Senior School students have the opportunity once a fortnight to participate in an extra curricular activity of their choice during the College day. Sport and music programs may continue to take place out of school hours.

Students electing to participate in extra curricular activities are expected to demonstrate commitment, enthusiasm, and care for others. Many of these activities provide students with the opportunity to represent the College off-campus and it is expected that students will, at all times, conduct themselves with dignity and demonstrate the College core values. 

Information about what is offered will be advised through the Newsletter and student information boards. The information below is provided as an example of the diversity of our extra curricular program.

Creative Arts and Technology

The Creative Arts and Technology activities provide diverse opportunities for students with a creative mind to unleash their imagination upon a range of group and individual projects. 

These groups provide students with the space, time and guidance to enhance and refine their skills, extending students beyond the bounds of curricular Art and Technology. The extra curricular groups can also benefit students intending on or currently studying Art and Technology subjects. 

Activities are listed here.

Leadership, Christian Groups and Service

Leadership and Christian groups are a key aspect of the College. They aim to nurture and encourage student’s spiritual growth and equip students with skills that will benefit them across all aspects of their schooling and throughout their lives. They aim to produce strong, confident, capable young men and women who will be courageous in the face of challenges they encounter and have the essence to not only stand up but also take action for what they believe.

Groups are listed here.

Music and Performance

Rouse Hill Anglican College endeavours to equip students with the fundamentals of music by offering a variety of opportunities where students will have the opportunity to unwrap and explore the gift of music, pursue excellence in performance and develop a heart for serving others.

Every student in Kindergarten to Year 8 undertakes the mandatory classroom music program with a specialist music teacher, participating in a variety of musical experiences as the foundation of their music education at the College. Students in Years 9 to 12 can choose to take the Music Elective course. The Extra Curricular music program runs in conjunction with the classroom program, offering a diverse range of opportunities for students to unwrap the gift of music and explore their potential.

The Extra Curricular Music Program provides students with the opportunity to enrich and extend their practical musical gifts beyond the mandatory curriculum and Stage 5 and 6 elective Music classes. The Ensembles encourage students to express and communicate musically, deepen their musical understanding and gain an appreciation of the art form.

As example of Music groups are listed here.


A variety of Extra Curricular Sport is offered at the College and there are numerous opportunities for students to engage in inter-school competitions in various team sports. 

Rouse Hill Anglican College is committed to a Christian approach to all areas of sport. Together with a balanced educational program, sport plays a vital role in providing students with a wide range of experiences and opportunities. Our staff hope that sport at the College will offer constructive and positive pathways where the willingness to participate is just as important as the final results. Sportsmanship is something modelled, taught and expected in every stage of sport. The objective is to promote spirit, teamwork, a sporting attitude and to foster enthusiasm and interest in sport, at the same time striving for excellence and seeking that every student maximises their physical potential across a range of different sports.

Sporting information can be found here.

Academic Enrichment

Academic Enrichment Extra Curricular groups provide students who, during their curricular studies of English, Maths and Languages, discover a passion or talent that they wish to further explore and develop. These groups encourage the use of logic, strategy, problem-solving skills and thinking ‘outside the square’. Speaking groups focus on nurturing students’ oratory skills, assisting them to articulate ideas and develop confidence speaking in front of an audience.

An example of opportunities are listed here.