Before and After School Care

The Before and After School Care service for students from Pre-K to Year 6 is provided on-site by KT OOSH Services on a contract basis. Families wishing to use this service MUST be registered in advance. 

Enrolment Forms are required for all students attending before and after school care and these can be obtained and lodged through the KT OOSH Office or via email.

Some casual places may be available at KT OOSH, however, families must be registered in advance and bookings must be made directly with KT OOSH Services (not the College Office), as there may not always be a place available. 

Students enrolled at KT OOSH will need to be signed in and out by their parent/guardian for each session. Students enrolled in this program will be supervised for all activities. 

The contact details for KT OOSH Services are: 

Phone Number: 02 8814 7610 (message bank service)

Email :