Academic Information


Homework is a valuable part of schooling. It allows for practice, extension and consolidation of work done in class. It also assists students to plan and organise time, while establishing good habits of concentration and self-management. Homework is set by teachers to reinforce that learning takes place outside of the College as well as inside.

To reinforce concepts learnt at school.
To promote organisation and positive work habits.
To support students in the development of skills, knowledge and concepts according to their own stage of development.

Homework also strengthens home-school links, reaffirming the role of parents/guardians as partners in education. Parents are given insights into what is being taught in the classroom and the progress of their children. 

The amount of time students are expected to spend on homework will vary greatly depending on age, ability, home environment and co-curricular activities of the students, including family obligations. It is important that homework is balanced with opportunities for free time, leisure and physical activities outside of school.

Parents and Caregivers Can Help By
* communicating with teachers any concerns about homework and their children’s approach to the homework
* ensuring that there is time set aside for homework.
* taking an active interest in homework
* encouraging and supporting students to complete homework
* encouraging children to read, and in older grades to take an interest in current events
* alerting the school to any home or extracurricular activities to be taken into consideration when homework is being set or handed in.
* monitoring homework in Senior School by signing the Student Handbook on a weekly basis.

Student Leadership

Rouse Hill Anglican College believes that all students have the potential to develop leadership skills and have the right to demonstrate these skills. An inclusive Leadership Policy reflects our approach to learning in the following ways:

* College values and positive, caring relationships 
* Opportunities for team building
* Collaboration and co-operative learning

Provides opportunities to
* Practise problem-solving and decision-making
* Develop social skills
* Develop communication skill
* Set goals and self-reflect

Leadership skills are explicitly taught in Year 5 and Year 6. All Year 6 students participate in Peer Support Training.
Junior School leaders attend an externally run Leadership Day.
Junior School Leaders attend meetings with Junior School leadership staff regularly throughout the year.

Formal leadership opportunities exist within the Senior School in Year 9 with Peer Support training and Year 10 Peer Support leaders, the Year 11 Leadership Training Program, Year 11 Vertical Group Leaders and in Year 12 with the appointment of Prefects and College Captains.

All the Senior School leaders attend two externally run Leadership Days
The Senior School Leaders attend meetings with senior school staff that teach leadership skills. 


Students will be involved in a structured Sport program that will encourage skill development and teamwork. A variety of sports activities are offered at the College and there are also several opportunities for inter-school competition in team sports.

Students are expected to wear the College sport uniform for all sporting activities. Sport days for each grade vary in Junior School. Parents will be notified by the Head of Junior School of these days at the beginning of the school year. 

For practical PE classes, all Senior School students are required to change from their dress uniform into their sport uniform at the College before and after PE classes.


There are several carnivals in the College’s Sports calendar:
* Swimming Carnivals
* Cross Country Carnivals
* Athletics Carnivals
* K-2 Fun Run and Athletics Carnival

Representative Sport Years 3 to 12

The College provides an extensive range of co-curricular opportunities in Sport. Students have the opportunity to represent the College at Hills Zone in a range of sports.

Parent Involvement
Parents are invited to assist at the Junior School major carnivals. On occasion, by invitation, the opportunity exists for parents to umpire or coach a team.

Swimming Program Years 1 to 3
The College provides a swimming program for all students from Years 1 to 3. Students attend this swimming program at Coulter Swimming at Annangrove. The program is a compulsory component of the College Sport curriculum. Details are provided before the program commences.

Excursions, Performances and Camps

During the year, a number of excursions, incursions and performances will be organised for the students which are of educational value. The cost for these activities has been included in the service fee that is charged each term. Excursions are compulsory unless specified. Details of excursions will be emailed prior to the event and will require parents/guardians to give permission via the Parent Portal. Students are unable to participate without parent permission. Uniform guidelines for excursions will be notified in writing from the College.

Camps are a compulsory part of our curriculum and wellbeing programs for Years 3 to 11 and all students are expected to attend. Camp expenses are included in the service fee. Excursions and camps of a co-curricular nature may incur additional costs.

For all camps and excursions, students are expected to represent the College in an exemplary manner. If students are not following College expectations during such activities, parents may be called to collect their child from the venue. Students who are not able to conduct themselves in the expected College manner leading up to such programs may require a review of attendance. 


Senior School students will be issued with textbooks from the  Library. All students are encouraged to borrow books, novels and further resources from the Library. It is expected that these books will be cared for appropriately and returned to the College in the same condition in which they were borrowed. 

The Senior School Library is open from 8:15am each day, closing at 3:40pm Monday and Friday, and 4:45pm Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Students can access computers, a printer and a photocopier in the Library, as well as access research assistance for assignments. Students are welcome to read, play chess, use the computers for school work and borrow resources before school, at lunchtime and after school.

The Senior School Library has a colour photocopier for student use. Copying/printing accounts are created for all students at the College and are credited each term with a suitable printing allowance. If students use up this provision, they can purchase additional credit at the Library circulation desk. 
Any books that are lost or damaged are to be replaced at the expense of the student/family. 

Students attend Library lessons with the Junior School Teacher Librarian once a week. A library bag is required for all Junior School students to borrow books. 

Overdue Procedure
Overdue notices for Library books will be emailed to parents. If Library books are not returned, a charge will be made for the cost of the book/s together with a non-refundable administration fee.