A very warm welcome is extended to our new families. We are very pleased that you have chosen Rouse Hill Anglican College for the education of your children and trust that they will enjoy their time at the College. We also welcome back everyone returning to the College in 2023 and look forward to valuable contributions from all students and their families.

We are committed to ensuring that all students are given the opportunity to undertake a balanced education and to excel in those areas where they are gifted whether it be in academia, performing arts or sports. We are also committed to providing an environment where students are able to be nurtured and cared for within a Christian framework.


To be a community of courageous learners who pursue excellence, equipped to love and serve in Christ’s world.


We are a Christian College that provides a caring and dynamic learning environment. We inspire every learner to explore, discover and create so that they are empowered to contribute to the world with compassion, integrity and wisdom.

College Values

Character, Care and Courage Through Christ

The Values of the College are explored and developed in Junior School class activities and as part of the Senior School Homeroom activities. They are also reinforced through other wellbeing programs at the College. The values are also reflected in awards that are issued to students at assemblies and Year Group meetings.

Respect, integrity, humility, kindness, compassion, resilience, perseverance

Starting with ourselves and our College community then moving out towards the world

In learning, in relationships, in following Christ

Teaching and Learning Framework

CharacterDeep learning; to keep trying, to have integrity, empathy and compassion and to always be a learner
Critical ThinkingEvaluating information and ideas, seeing patterns and connections, developing meaningful knowledge and applying it to the real world
Creative ThinkingBeing able to see and take opportunities, creating new ideas or practices and leading others
CollaborationWorking interdependently and with others, making important decisions together, and learning from and contributing to the learning of others
CommunicationCommunicating clearly, in a variety of forms for specific audiences
CitizenshipThinking like community and global citizens and considering issues with empathy

College Hours


Morning Session 9.15am

Break 1

Middle Session 11.40am

Break 2 1.40pm

Afternoon Session 2.10pm

Dismissal 3.00pm
(Students must be signed out by 3.15pm)


Morning Session 9.00am

Break 1

Middle Session 11.40am

Break 2 1.40pm

Afternoon Session 2.10pm

Dismissal between 3.10pm to 3.25pm (refer to Afternoon Dismissal)

Senior School

Wellbeing Homeroom 8.45am
Period 1 9.05am
Period 2 9.55am

Recess 10.45am

Period 3 11.05am
Period 4 11.55am

Lunch 12.45pm

Period 5 1.30pm
Period 6 2.20pm
Academic Homeroom

Dismissal 3.40pm

Term Dates 2023

Term 1 (10 weeks)

Monday, 30 January Years 7, 11 & 12 students commence
Pre-K 3 Day Program Orientation
(Kindergarten 1:1 Orientation Meetings)

Tuesday, 31 January Years 1-6 and 8-10 & Pre-K 3 Day Program students commence (Kindergarten 1:1 Orientation Meetings)

Wednesday, 1 February Kindergarten students commence

Thursday, 2 February
Pre-K 2 Day Program Orientation

Friday, 3 February
Pre-K 2 Day Program students commence

Thursday, 6 April
Last day of Term 1

Term 2 (9 weeks)

Tuesday, 25 April
ANZAC Day Public Holiday

Wednesday, 26 April Students recommence

Monday, 12 June
King’s Birthday Public Holiday

Friday, 23 June
Last day of Term 2

Term 3 (10 weeks)

Monday, 17 July Students recommence

Friday, 22 September Last day of Term 3

Term 4 (9 weeks)

Monday, 9 October Students recommence

Wednesday, 6 December
Last day of Term 4

College Map

“Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow.

Anthony J. D’Angelo